A Particular Weekend - Written and Directed by Gianni Ciuffini

A Particular Weekend by Gianni Ciuffini arrives in theaters from Oct. 19 . A funny comedy that sees Elena and Claudio, protagonists, at first unaware, of a very "particular" weekend. The two meet again in Malta in the same hotel where their stormy romance had ended. It will be this unexpected encounter that will rekindle in them the desire for revenge of one over the other but also, perhaps, the desire to recover something they both feel they have lost. Amid surprises, twists and turns and combative suitors who will not give up, will the magic of the island succeed in reknitting the torn threads of their love?


Nancy Brilli, Enzo Decaro, Corrado Fortuna, Mariana Fallace, Lucio Aiello, Jasmin Zangarelli, Florin Vitan, Riccardo Gaz, Pasquale Risiti, Daniel Formosa. Written and directed by Gianni Ciuffini